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New South Wales is among the more prosperous states of Australia having its capital in Sydney, the most populous city of this country. With the number of immigrants to Australia gaining in number year after year triggered by increased employment, business and educational opportunities, immigration rules have been modified. Of the different categories of immigrants, those migrating for work or business are the most. To attract skilled human resource to New South Wales in Australia, the immigration department of this country has initiated a SkillSelect visa program. In this SkillSelect category, there is a subclass for state sponsorship visas. Aussizz Migration in an effort to assist applicants wanting to immigrate to New South Wales on state sponsorship visa has established ''.

This domain is an answer to all your queries regarding state sponsored skill select visa for New South Wales. SkillSelect is an initiative of Department of Immigration and Citizenship to attract skilled workmen and accomplished professionals for businesses and industries in this state. State sponsored candidates are required to work in designated regions as required by New South Wales territorial government.

State sponsorship visa being a subclass of SkillSelect program necessitates a candidate to get enlisted after submitting an EOI. In this expression of interest, there must be clear indication for your preference for state sponsored or nominated jobs. Another basic feature of SkillSelect visa is that opportunities are invitational. In other words, based on your EOI, a regional employer or territorial/state government department sends an invitation for application. Without an invitation, you cannot qualify to apply for an Australia Work Visa.  

Eligibility Criteria

You must not have crossed 50 years of age for being eligible for a Skillselect visa. While applying for a state sponsored visa, you must have acquired a skill as mentioned in SOL (skilled occupation list) published by Australian immigration department. To get yourself enlisted for SkillSelect visa, you need to achieve a score of at least 60 test points, without which you cannot receive an invitation. For getting an invitation, your first step involves forwarding an EOI comprising:

i. Your personal details;
ii. Education and study details;
iii. Acquired skill as per SOL;
iv. Work experience;
v. Investment and business experience;
vi. Assessment report of your selected skill

This assessment of your skill is required to be carried out by a recognized assessor or assessing body. An EOI is the first step towards getting an invitation and does not assure an Australia state sponsored visa. You may only apply for an Australia work visa after getting an invitation. After receiving an invitation, an application for state sponsored visa should be made within 60 days. A second invitation is sent in case you fail to respond to your first invitation. Failure to apply even after receiving a second invitation would result in your name getting deleted from SkillSelect list.

For a state sponsorship visa, there must be clear indication about it in your EOI. New South Wales state sponsored visa would entitle you to work and stay in a region as instructed by territorial government. This is a provisional visa allowing you to work and stay in Australian territory for a period not exceeding 48 months.

Australia visa process for candidates going on a state sponsorship is to be understood well, and '' is the perfect domain to log to for that.

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